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It costs $300.00 per year or $25.00 a month to sponsor a child.

We have two groups of kids that need sponsors, those that live in the orphanage in Pignon and those that live in a area called Bohoc.

Most affected by poverty and social inequality are Haiti’s children, millions of whom have lost one or both parents. Orphaned and abandoned children live on the streets or in underfunded institutions. In some cases, children who remain in their homes are forced to take on the role of a deceased parent, leaving school to find jobs – including migrant work.

Share our passion for making a lasting difference for those facing a life of grinding poverty in Haiti. Please visit our online donation page or contact us at 386.233.3248 for more information.

When you become a sponsor, you will be linked to one of the children in our HHNM Haiti Orphanages Every year you will receive updates and a new photograph of the child you sponsor. You will be able to see what classes he or she is taking, how well they are developing, and what his or her career goals are.
Finally, 100% of every dollar you donate through the Sponsor A Child program goes directly to our work in Haiti. 


Centre Hospitalier
De La Jeune
La Jeune / Pignon Haiti

This year has seen a new dimension in our work in Haiti. We have partnered with a local Haitian group that has a large piece of property near our orphanage. There has been a clinic there for 50 years but in the last several years it has not been maintained and has been underutilized. 

The Haitian group gave us a 10 year lease on the clinic portion of the property for free. We have been busy fixing the buildings, restocking the pharmacy and supply closets. We have been buying and getting donated items to reopen the lab. We have hired a staff of Doctors, Nurses, Lab Tech's, and Maintenance people. The clinic opened to see patients in April. From the middle of April through the end of June we have had over 400 Patients. For those who can pay we charge a small amount to see the doctor and a small fee for Lab tests and medicine. For those who cannot pay the treatments are free. Our monthly operating costs will be around $5,000.00 per month to pay staff and buy supplies. If you are interested in this project and would like to help please give us a call.It is by far the best spa I have worked at, and it always attracts the nicest customers. You couldn't dream up a more tranquil environment."

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When you become a sponsor, you will be linked to one of the children in our HHNM Haiti Orphanages Every year you will receive updates and a new photograph of the child you sponsor. 
Only $ 25.00 a month to help sponsor a child that is hungry and without a safe place to lay their head.

(386) 387-9389  We would love to hear from you!

You may also send us a check to: 
The Purpose Center
2200 N. State St, Bunnell, FL 32110
Please make checks payable to HHNM.  


Most education for the youth of Haiti is provided by mission groups like ours. It is a privilege and an honor for a Haitian child to be able to go to school. Each child is required to have a uniform and shoes to go to school and many schools charge tuition to pay the salaries of the teachers. It is not uncommon for a school to be 1 or 2 years behind on paying the teachers and this often causes a strike by the teachers to make a statement that they need to be paid. Many schools also try to provide a noon meal for the children and the teachers. This is often the only meal they will get for the day. It is hard to learn when you are hungry. All of  the above conditions make running a school a burden on any mission that tries to provide education. So you may ask why do it? 

Most mission schools, ours included, use a bible based curriculum which is a great way to teach a whole community about Christ. The children learn in school and share with there family at home. We also believe that education is the best way to give a child a chance at a better economic future.

On this page we will begin to give you details of the several schools we have and the costs associated with running that school in the hope the God will speak to people and but a burden on their hearts to help out a school with monthly support.

Labissinthe School

In Labissinthe we have a Primary school
the enrollment this last year was: 200

The primary school meets in the church building and now some 
added rooms as seen on far right picture. We are able to give 
some support to this school for a feeding program which has 
improved the lives of these students. The needs at this location 
are a new building with several rooms for school and church. We 
also need a well for potable drinking water, and a outhouse. 
Monthly support is also needed for teachers pay.

Bohoc School

In Bohoc we have a Primary school
the enrollment this last year was: 200

The primary school meets in the church building and now some 
added rooms as seen on far right picture. We are not able to give 
support to this school for a feeding program at this time. The 
needs at this location are a feeding program and support for 
teachers pay. We also need a well for potable drinking water, and 
a outhouse.

Pignon School

In Pignon we have a High school with enrollment of 500 students.The High school is a two story block building with eight rooms that is a work in progress. The walls need to be plastered and painted we need better sanitary facilities and a generator for electricity to run computers and such.

We need funds to pay teachers and also provide a meal per day we currently do not have a noon meal.We had a elementary school here but closed it and moved all the students to the Cogan school that is just  out of town. About 2 miles from the high school we did this to consolidate costs of two elementary schools.
Cogan School

The Cogan School gets it name from the boys who fund this school. They run a on-line stationary business Cogan Stationary www.coganstationery.com we are thankful for these boys and their commitment to helping Please visit there web site for your stationary needs. They donate a percent of there profits to Haiti Mercy Mission's Cogan School and have also found sponsors who will match their donation so it amounts to 100% of the cost of your order will be donated to run this school.

Churches and Projects

There are  five Churches in Haiti which we are currently supporting. 

Project 1 "We are looking to raise the funds in 2012 to build a church in better Church in Pignon"

We have purchased the land for the church and are in need of a church building. The church currently meets either in a small building or outside depending on the size of the group. We 
would like to build a building about 50' x 100'. The estimate on this will be somewhere between  $75,000.00 and $85,000.00.

You can mail a check or donate online and designate for the Church building!!

The pictures below are of the land we have purchased. The pile of rocks was put there by the  people of the church. They are calling it the faith rocks having faith that God will supply a  church. The picture on the right is of our church in Bohoc we hope to make the Pignon church.

Project 2   Finish the new Kitchen Dining Hall

We are building a new kitchen and dining hall (see pictures below). When we built the first kitchen and dining hall we had 24 kids. Now we have anywhere from 45  to 55 depending on the day. During the earthquake we had 65 kids for a time. We have to eat 
in shifts and the smoke from the cook fire gets into the bed rooms so we started a new building  and will use the old kitchen and dining hall for more bedroom space. We have the footings in 
and the walls up. We need to put in cement floors and a tin roof. After that we will build  counters and storage space along with tables and seating. This will also be a place for the kids 
to play games and do school work.

You can mail a check or donate online and designate for the Kitchen building!!

You do not have to have a paypal 
account you can use any credit card!

KP Training Center/HHNM
210 Old Kings Rd. South Suite 700
Flagler Beach, FL 32136
Online Donations From PayPal

Dr Acene and Annerithe Jean Pierre. 
Dr. Acene and Anne are the founders        
of Haiti Missions. They live in 
Pignon and run the day to day 
operations in Haiti.

You can Email them at:

For Anne : JPAnnerithe@gmail.com 
For Acene: doctorjpa@hotmail.com

You may also send us a check to: Kingdom Purpose Christian Center/ HHNM, 210 Old Kings Rd. South Suite 700, Flagler Beach, Florida, 32136.  Please make checks payable to HHNM.  If you wish your donation to serve a particular program, please indicate that in the memo line.  Hungry and Homeless No More is a non profit corporation.  All donations are tax deductible to the full extent of the law.

Thanks for your help! Homeless and Hungry No More (HHNM) relies on donations to fund all of its programs in Haiti, including school scholarships, building projects, and health care initiatives. Gifts from our supporters allow us to maintain the commitments that make a difference in Haiti

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