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Why Are We Here
KP Training Center's "Homeless and Hungry No More (HHNM)" program, a subsidiary of Kingdom Purpose Christian Center Intl, will partner as well as collaborate with other local groups and organizations in the county to provide help to homeless students and their families. We have also partnered with GCOD to stamp out hunger and to build orphanages and clinics in Haiti.

Mission Statement 
To Rescue, Restore and 
Re-stabilize At-risk and Homeless and Hungry individuals and families so they can thrive and become self-sufficient. 
Why Wait Any Longer? 
Donate Now!
By Check:
Make your check or payment to KP Training Center, with 
"HHNM" in the memo line.

Please Mail Donations to:

The Purpose Center
2200 N. State St
Bunnell, FL 32210

By Phone:
(386) 387-9389

For More Information:
On how to Donate, please call
(386) 387-9389 or email.
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Purpose Statement

Homeless and Hungry No More follows the principle that education and self-help must fortify charity work so recipients learn to break the cycle of poverty. Along with distribution of food, HHNM seeks to prevent homelessness by collaborating with other local agencies with like minded goals. 

HHNM in conjunction with KP Life Training Center will offer financial literacy and GED classes, distribution of school supplies and book bags to children, annual Christmas children’s party, intensive case management and support to programs to teach recipients how to develop small businesses and co-ops while providing training for those re-entering the work force.
60 Minutes: Hard Times Generation: Homeless Kids

When the producers of CBS News’ 60 Minutes program wanted to put together a story on childhood poverty and homelessness in America, they didn’t go to Appalachia. Nor did they seek to do a story on inner-city youth or some rural community out West. 

To find a community with heart-wrenching stories of American children living in poverty conditions, they came to Central Florida. This story concerns Seminole county. But the story is the same all over the state of Florida.

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